/new goals


/new goals

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double fisting it int he car:)


double fisting it int he car:)

Anonymous said: What do you think about the idea of Sir asking you to enlarge you boobs up to a size that you think it is way to big? Not from the point of view that it is (maybe) the size of his dreams, but to give you a permanent reminder of your place and who is in charge. What do you think, how it would feel to live with boobs like this? Not in bed, but in public, when company is around, with your family, things like that. I'm really curious about your response. Thanks in advance.




I think that’s a really hot fantasy.

I imagine that he would take me to the surgeon and that the two of them would discuss my new implants with each other, without even consulting me. I would just sit there with a stupid smile on my face as these two men talked about how much my tits should be inflated.

I would end up with these ridiculusly oversized tits which give me back pains and which make everyday tasks like work or exercise much harder than my current fake tits already do.

It would be impossible for anyone to take me seriously or respect me. Men would see me as nothing but a fucktoy and women would hate me for the way their boyfriends stare at me.


I would love to have this play out for real.


Sophie Reade is no stranger to boobie greed!

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bimborules said: What makes you feel sexy?


others finding me sexy :D

afew things, wearing lowcut clothes, wearing makeup and haveing decent hair and wearing heels make me feel sexy, but in generaly others finding me sexy makes me feel sexy, for me the biggest turnon is turning someone elce on :D

Mindmelter later!




I guess this weekend I’m just gonna be dumb lots!

you should drink yourself stupid ;-)

If you want!

i always want

that looks delicious, but why are there so many straws? ;)

that looks delicious, but why are there so many straws? ;)

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*waits for puberty to turn me hot until i’m 43*

… do you stop being hot when you turn 44?

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Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough

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Lust and liquor are what get me off.

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